• C +, mars 2013

    C +, mars 2013

    American success

    laContrie's leather goods workshop boutique was launched in the United States. The New York Times and New York website, Urban Daddy, have just written praiseful articles about Edwina de Charette de la Contrie, the designer, emphasizing the fact that the online shop has opened, enabling foreign customers to order made-to-measure bags crafted in the Parisian workshop online. The laContrie concept has been increasingly successful since it was founded in 2011. It allows the customer to create the bag that suits her/him among a selection of models, leathers, colors and linings. Edwina de Charette de la Contrie also puts her skills to work for other concept stores, such as Colette in Paris, for whom she has already designed a capsule collection of small leather goods accessories. ID